Who We Are

Our strategy is specialized and focused on creating high-quality products, building lasting relationships and adapting as our customers evolve.

Our Philosophy

At Benson Machine Works we are a family. A family built over generations of hard work, commitment and integrity. Like our fathers before us, we seek to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with an innovative and creative approach, superior materials and expert craftsmanship.

We strive to be a shop that customers come to for one-off or full-service needs. We hire artistic talent, inspired not only to produce high quality results but to build each piece with care and precision in mind.

Our shop wants to continue to grow for generations to come and continue to create, craft and contribute to those in our business and our society.

Our Customers

Over the last 70 years we have partnered with businesses from Fortune 500 companies to small groups and startups. We value our customer relationships and take pride in being able to not only met expectations but exceed expectations. Showcased below are just a few of the companies we’ve worked with.

Our History

Benson Machine Works has over 70 years of rich history, with roots stemming as far back as the 1840s. The original founder was a traveler who settled here and opened up Omaha’s first blacksmith shop. The original anvil and tools are still showcased in the shop today.

1948: George Vercruysse bought the original blacksmith shop in Benson and turned it into a small engine repair shop and custom equipment company.

1978: Dan Adams joins the Benson team, over the next 2 decades he helped George innovate the company into a job shop and custom equipment company.

1993: Dan Adams bought the company and took over the daily operations of the shop and continues with the custom equipment business.

1996: Dave Schulte and Gary Burks bought into the company; Dave as the Machining Specialist and Gary as the Electrical Specialist, adding to our ability to design and build custom equipment.

1997: SolidWorks and CamWorks were purchased and added to the capabilities of 3D Modeling and Machining.

2001: 1st Trumpf Trumatic 3030 CO2 Laser was bought and 9/11 was the day of the installation of the new machine and began the process of understanding the new technology.

2003: 2nd Trumpf Trumatic 3030 CO2 Laser was bought for the growing business.

2007: The company moved to the current location at 1604 Fort Street. This expansion provided the needed space to better serve our customers and add a 3rd Trumpf Trumatic 3030 CO2 Laser.

2015: Dan Admas retired; Dave Schulte took over management while trusting Andy Adams and Mat Burks to oversee the shop floor.

2020: After many years of employment Andy Adams and Mat Burks purchased the company where they grew up. Within the first year, Andy and Mat invested in a Lincoln Fab Pak XHS-CM with a Fanuc 100id/10L robotic arm.

2022: Benson Machine Works installed their 1st Mazak OptiPlex 3015 10kw Fiber Laser.

2023: The year began with automation being installed on the Mazak OptiPlex 3015 10kw Fiber Laser. Halfway through the year an NS1100ZC (deburring/sanding machine) was bought and installed, it improves our laser cut part quality and meets the needs of modern coating processes.